It is a sad fact that most people ignore or even underestimate the need for home security even with the continued reports of home invasion crimes. The truth is, when you leave home for work, you expect to find a home that is secure. Bonus : we will talk about the conference on Smart Home technology.

How is home security important?

Everybody wants their property and families to be safe because a burglary may leave you and your loved ones financially and emotionally devastated. Financial loss may be recovered but the trauma on your family, especially on children will affect their future.

Home security has added features on top of protecting you and your family from intruders. It protects from fires: a home security system is better than fire alarms because it offers early warnings. The home security system detects the heat source, warns the occupants and contacts the relevant authorities. Heat detectors can detect sources of heat but they do not have the functionality of contacting the authority, this function is vital because the fire is suppressed before it spreads. A home security system can detect the odourless and colourless carbon monoxide gas that blindsides most people to cause severe damage that may lead to death.

Another essential aspect of a home security system is the ability to monitor your home remotely. With technology advancements, homeowners can log in through the internet or on their mobile devices to access their home security devices. This type of system allows cameras and motion detectors to be monitored, turning household lights on and off, remotely arm or disarm the alarm, check air conditioning and heating.

How is home security becoming smart?

The introduction of the smart home has led to the development of smart home security gadgets with added functionalities. The following are some of the products that are leading in this field and will be presented at the Connected Plus Show.

HoneyWell Tuxedo Touch

This device has a broad range of apps that can be installed at an extra charge. It is fully touch screen, where users can set video monitoring, home heating and smart locks, it even has voice control where users can instruct the device to activate home monitoring when leaving.

Netatmo Welcome

This revolutionary cylinder-shaped device comes with no monthly subscriptions and offers full HD videos and face recognition capabilities. Once tagged, this device will recognise your family and friends and instantly alert you when an unrecognised individual is spotted

Nest Cam

This is a small device with excellent specifications, it can record 1080p videos, and it has 8X digital zoom and is equipped with eight IR LEDs for night vision. The Nest Cam can detect smoke but extra functions like video history, special activity areas and people detection require a monthly subscription.


This smart home security device has a hidden camera with night vision and motion detection capabilities. It also has accelerometer sensors that detect tampering, a siren and a speaker. The device learns your home environment to identify unordinary events. This device can be accessed through a mobile device.


This is another smart device that has capabilities like switching your house lights on and off when on holiday, live feeds and mobile access.

Connected plus show conference: the place to be for the smart home technologies’ industry

Connected Plus Show, conference on Smart Home technology is the only place where you can learn about current and future trends in the smart home market. The conference features renowned companies, experts, famous speakers, and intelligent technocrats discussing and showcasing their smart home security devices.

Will smart security lead to better safety in our homes? The smart home has introduced consumer level security where companies are competing with one another to produce smart security products that meet the consumers’ needs and standards. I believe that this will lead to better products for enhanced home safety.