For about two decades, Hong Kong has stood out because of its ease of doing business. World Bank has always ranked Hong Kong among the easiest economies for doing business.

Many people, however, still find the process lengthy because they have to prepare the papers, present them to the company registry office, and open a bank account. This process is still lengthy and an uphill task especially for people who cannot travel to Hong Kong. Here are the main reasons why you require assistance when incorporating a company in Hong Kong. 

Providing top notch advisory services 

The decision to venture into Hong Kong is an opportunity cost of going elsewhere. However, Hong Kong stands out because of its sound financial system and straightforward tax system. Corporate services advices clients intending to venture into the Hong Kong market for better comprehension. For example, with the right advisory services, your business can qualify for zero tax if most of the transactions are carried outside Hong Kong.

Company advisory services are very critical in helping investors know the nature of the market in order to craft the best entry strategy. For example, if you want to take advantage of the government supported projects, the corporate experts will advise you to align them with requirements for start-ups. You can even get full market reviews to determine the best target segment to start with immediately after venturing into Hong Kong.

Registering the company without travelling to Hong Kong 

The process of registering a company in Hong Kong takes about 2 weeks before a certificate of incorporation can be released. Corporate services help investors to register their companies without having to travel to Hong Kong. You only need to identify the right agency and send all the required documentation.

The agency will assist you in drafting articles of association, and minutes recommending the formation of the company. Third, the agency provides secretary services and physical location so that the company can be registered faster. For investors whose offices will not be very busy, corporate services agencies can organize for shared secretaries to help keep costs as low as possible.

Cutting on company registration costs 

When you decide to venture into the Hong Kong market, everything narrows down to one thing; cost. Therefore, any effort to bring down costs while accelerating business progress is always welcome.

You can easily cut on costs by using corporate services because they are done by professionals who understand the systems well. For example, you do not have to fly all the way to Hong Kong to register a company, advertise the position of company secretary, and look for an office because the services of the agency you enlist will cater for all of them.


Corporate services have proven to be very helpful in assisting people who are seeking to establish their presence in Hong Kong. Even as the government works on its side to make the business environment more effective, your business will be more effective if you enlist corporate services from an expert agency in Hong Kong.