It is a well-known maxim that we need to remove the log from our own eye before addressing the speck in our brother’s eye. However, having someone else point out our flaws, suggest areas for improvement and help us find a better way is sometimes very necessary.

How businesses can be helped by an external company

In business, just as in personal development, efficiency is vital. It is one of the most highly sought-after skills, but notably hard to achieve without accountability to a second party; consulting another agency can lend valuable insight into the potentially flawed aspects of our company, offering useful advice as to the streamlining of processes and encouraging us to strive for greater efficiency.

Consultation or auditing from an external company can increase the dynamism of directors, elevate the motivation and diligence of employees and thus improve the functionality and efficacy of an entire business.

With the arrival of the auditors imminent, lower-level employees have an impetus to work harder and more precisely, whilst managers take advantage of the assured expertise of an external specialist. For a small business with long-standing personnel, this can be a brilliantly rejuvenating experience, encouraging improved productivity and self-motivation in previously stagnant environments.

Focus on: Piton GXP: what are the main keys to make a business work?

It is for precisely this purpose that the Piton GXP agency exists, to assist other companies in achieving their fullest potential. Offering detailed diagnosis of problem areas and working in tandem with the host business to produce a realistic, but ambitious, action plan, Piton GXP’s consultation service gives a fresh outside perspective to streamline the workplace. Whether in auditing or consultation, the full extent of a company’s operations will be evaluated and compared to industry best practices, allowing for generation of the most accurate action plan possible, addressing short-falls and areas for improvement.

But to produce an action plan and then leave a company to fend for themselves is potentially perilous; further training is required to ensure a successful, long-lasting impact on the productivity and efficiency of a business. Piton GXP offers training for improvement of the entire business, encouraging each individual to become a positive actor in the workplace, as well as targeted training for directors, enabling them to confidently make important decisions for the benefit of the business.

A potential risk, of course, is that a business might become permanently dependent upon the external consultant. The aim of any consultation or audit should therefore be to develop a self-sustaining, self-analysing and self-improving workforce; indeed, an external consultation business ought to be pleased to revisit a host company and find them no longer in need of consultation!